The company's two core businesses are related to swimming pool technology and industrial installation industries. 


Aqua-Perfect is a group of products and equipment in the field of swimming pool technology. As an independent supplier we have been able to select the best products in terms of technology and price and thus create a complete system of swimming pool technologies.  We supply complete technological solutions for the construction of private pools, municipal, school, hotel and aqua parks - our offer includes swimming pool filters, pumps, air blowers, water treatment and disinfection equipment, timing systems, pool equipment, stainless steel basins, plastic fittings. The Aqua-Perfect product group is consistently being developed and expanded with the latest solutions in the swimming pool industry. 

UltraEcoSwimUltraEcoSwim is a system for chloramine reduction and swimming pool rinse water treatment.  The pool water filtration process uses large amounts of water used for filter rinsing.  The rinse water does not have to be discharged into the sewer system, but after appropriate treatment it can be used as fresh water with drinking water parameters.  This reuse saves energy, water, the environment and costs.  The UltraEcoSwim system can be installed in both new and existing swimming pool installations.

Spa bathtubs also known as mini pools, Jacuzzi bathtubs or whirlpools are an indispensable recreational element of swimming pools and aqua parks.  They are also an important element of recreation centers, rehabilitation and wellness and spa zones, but also increasingly often private places of rest, relaxation and regeneration in the homes of individual investors. We are a partner in Poland of USSPA, one of the leading manufacturers of spa baths and counter-current swimming pools in Europe.  Our offer includes professional Privat and Privat iN line spa bathtubs for private use, Profi Spa bathtubs for commercial use and Swim Spa counter-current swimming pools.   

ChemowentCHEMOWENT is a complete system of ducts, fittings, accessories and fans made of chemically resistant plastics.  The system consists of elements with a round and rectangular cross-section, is made of PP, PPs, PP-EL-s, PE, PVC (fans made of PPs).  Our offer includes a full range of ventilation ducts and fittings needed to build ventilation systems in laboratories, production halls, swimming pool technology rooms, where aggressive and toxic fumes and high humidity are present.  The implementation of such an installation eliminates the problem of corrosion, and the selection of materials with appropriate chemical resistance significantly extends the life of the installation. Apart from typical elements, we manufacture made-to-measure elements- hoods, collectors, technological suction hoods, filter and recuperator housings, expansion boxes.


TERMOTECH is a complete system of preinsulated pipelines - pipes, elbows, bends, tees and reducers used for transmission of various media. Each element of the system consists of a carrier pipe, casing pipe and insulating PUR foam.  The selection of individual elements is influenced by the type of transmitted medium, parameters, and working conditions of the system. Carrier pipes are made of PE-HD, PVC, PVC-C, PP-H, PB, ABS, TWS materials.  Casing pipes are usually PE-HD, resistant to UV radiation, which allows for outdoor installation.  Other materials can be steel, galvanized or aluminum. Termotech is used in installations where the flowing medium are solutions of acids, lyes, process water, refrigerant, often drinking water and geothermal water.  To ensure the safety of the system, the pipeline can be equipped with leakage monitoring, which signals the appearance of moisture in the PUR foam and informs of any leaks.  In order to maintain the right temperature of the transmitted substances or to prevent them from freezing, heating cables are used in the pipelines.

ChemictankPlastic tanks are made to individual order, according to the investor's design.  Due to the high chemical resistance of plastics, from which our tanks are made, they can collect and store not only water, but even highly aggressive chemicals.  We also make overflow tanks for swimming pool installations. Tanks are made of PE, PP, PVC.  The materials from which we make the tanks come only from proven and reputable suppliers.

OczomyjkiEye wash stations and safety showers are very important devices from the perspective of occupational health and safety. Their task is to protect eyes, face or the whole body, and this is possible thanks to flushing out toxic and corrosive substances, with which the victim came into contact. The task of safety showers is also extinguishing inflamed clothing on an injured worker.  Our offer includes a wide range of these devices - eye wash stations mounted on the wall, to the top, to the floor (on a leg), on a platform; safety showers mounted to the wall, ceiling, floor, on a platform; combined devices mounted to the floor and on a platform.  The devices are made in various configurations of galvanized steel, chemically resistant plastic PP and stainless steel. 


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