About the company

The Kompleks S.A. Consulting Engineering Group is a modern company with tradition, operating on the Polish market since 1991. The company operates in the swimming pool business and the industry sector, consulting and selling devices and technologies for investments in those branches. The headquarters, the logistics centre and the production halls are located in Walbrzych, branch offices are in Wroclaw and Warsaw, and the technical and commercial office is in Bytom.

The Kompleks company may be seen as the forerunner in plastic installations business in Poland. It took a lot of effort to convince anyone about plastic installations in the early 90s. the lack of professionals, technical data, and especially the lack of trust towards new technologies resulted in the company taking care of all the duties related to the investment process, i.e. designing, training companies, purchasing materials and installing. At the same time, plastic installations were carried out on a wide scale in the western countries. Now, the situation is also visible on the Polish market, and Kompleks is proud to have played a significant role in the long-term process of persuasion to advantages of plastics in installations.

The company operates in technical consulting and selling devices and technologies in the swimming pool business and the industrial plastic installations sector.

The Kompleks Group is the largest supplier on the public swimming pool market; the company’s share in this sector amounts to around 36%. Cooperation with many renowned producers from the pool sector resulted in the creation of our own swimming pool technology system called Aqua-Perfect including a complete assortment of high quality products. The Kompleks company supplied hundreds of swimming pools built in Poland with our products, including top investments such as: aqua parks in Sopot and Zielona Gora, Termy Maltanskie in Poznan, and the aqua park in Zakopane. Supplies involved the transfer, filter, chemical water treatment, ozone and temperature control technologies.

The second operative area of the company are technological plastic installations for industry, energy and construction sectors. A vast technical knowledge and experience in plastic installations allowed the company to cooperate with the largest installation companies in the sector. Plastic systems offered by Kompleks function in such plants as: PKN Orlen, Lotos, 3M, many chemical plants e.g. Anwil, Janikosoda, ArcelorMittal, KGHM, numerous heat and power stations, foundries, oleo-chemical plants, universities and many others.

The company consistently develops its own production lines:

  • plastic chemical-resistant conduits, fittings and accessories CHEMOWENT®

  • composite pipe system TERMOTECH Termoplasty® and TERMOTECH Duroplasty®